Bearing Witness – the artists’ tenacious view

Hamilton Arts Collective | Hamilton Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Bearing Witness – the artists’ tenacious view a two part exhibition

Virtual exhibit: February 15-April 15, 2021
In-person exhibit at Hamilton Gallery: proposed summer 2021

The two exhibitions, Bearing Witness – the artists’ tenacious view,  explore how the events of 2020 have impacted the creative process and psyche of working artists. Curated by Jessica Devilbiss.

Puppet Ms. Lily operated by Schroeder Cherry

The exhibitions are co-sponsored by HAC|HG and a grant from Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts.

Click on thumbnails below to view larger image and full artist and image details. The 61 exhibiting artists are presented in alphabetical order. For sales inquiries please contact the artist directly using the contact info provided when viewing the enlarged image of their work.

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Artists featured in the exhibition:
Kathleen Adrian, Kiane Artis, Jude Asher, Beverly Baptiste, Ruby Bassford, Loring Boglioli, Dominique Butler, Schroeder Cherry, Melissa Cormier, Diane Dennis, Julie Dietrich, Jim Doran, Heather Dorst, Grace Doyle, Donald Edwards, Abby Fitzgibbon, Amanda Hays, Elli Maria Hernandez, Jodi Hoover, Jessie Houff, Samantha Iaconi, Noelle Imparato, Chloe Irla, Yasmine C. Iskander, Flora Iste, Janet Jeffers, Annette Jones-Wilson, Amy Klainer , Nic Koski, Walter Levy, Katana Lippart, George Lorio, Jon Malis, Dereck Mangus, Alberta Marchesani, James McDonald, Greg McLemore, Chloe Ndour, Nef Partlow-Myrick, Katey Phelps, Linda Popp, Lynn Poshepny, Tim Prendergast, Theresa Reuter, LJ Richey, Lucas Rougeux, Lynn Rybicki, Lauren Silex, Val Smith, Therese Spadaro, Peter Stern, Bridget Z. Sullivan, Carol Tankard, Maxine Taylor, David, Thompson, Chloe Wack, Samantha, Welsch, Delvonta Wilson, Monica Youn, and Richard Gordon Zyne

An in-person group exhibition is planned for later this year, when it is healthful to do so, and will be held at Hamilton Gallery located at 5502 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD.  The virtual, online exhibition, and the in-person exhibition Bearing Witness – the artists’ tenacious view, are co-sponsored by HAC|HG and a grant from Baltimore Promotion of the Arts.

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